Find out a few messages from our married ones…

” We are very satisfied of the Flovinno’s services, and of the coordination of our wedding.

A special thank ou to Candy who has shown a great listening, a lot of kindness and attention towards us, and an excellent professionalism. We were happy to meet her !

Thanks to the entire team for allowing our wedding to become a memorable, joyful and simple memory for us and our guests. In one word : UNFORGETTABLE !”

“There is no word powerful enough to express our gratitude for this day that will remains an amazing memory for us and our family.

A huge thank you for your professionalism which never failed, a personal attendant until the D-day, and finally a team on the spot that took care of us.

Our wish for the future is a total success for Flovinno, that it thrives and arrived at the top of the Wedding planners !

An encounter like this doesn’t happens very often in a life, but it would have been a shame to miss out our first meeting at Le Salon du Mariage. We will miss our appointments, but happily there are also wedding anniversaries ! So we put that back in a year ? Deal !”

“Dear Florence,

It’s been a month since my daughter got married. I want to congrats you for the good coordination of the ceremony, the dancing appetizer, the dinner and the avenue.

Everything went so fast that I didn’t found the time to thank you for the no-fault.


“We would like to thanks the entire Flovinno team and especially Florence and Vincent for this tailor-made ceremony which matched a 100% to us, for their advice and their happiness. A splendid wedding with emotion, happiness and memories for life. A huge THANK YOU !!”

« Thank you Flovinno for organizing the most beautiful wedding! Everything was fabulous and everybody was pleased. Hope to meet you again in some other occasions.

Thanks again, from Randa and Christian »

“Everything was perfect… Once again a big thank you to Florence and her team who offered us a dream wedding. I recommend the Flovinno team eyes closed : dynamic, attentive, always on call. An extraordinary experience. We met during Le Salon du Mariage in Savigny-sur-Orge. Incredible.”

“We really appreciated to be accompanied by Florence during our wedding’s organization.

She has always shown a good listening and available. On the D-day, the presence of the team has permitted the good processing of the ceremony, very pleased by our guests. The lyric singer, the magician and the avenue were unanimous.


“We once again wanted to thank you for your kindness and professionalism! Everything was perfect and we are glad that the wedding went without worries, thanks to you! We were able to enjoy our wedding without worrying about the rest. Our guests told us that we were really relaxed but also that you had been discreet throughout the day and evening. We do not regret a single second of trusting you. Thanks again!”

“Laurent and I imagined our wedding in an old and romantic spirit. For that we have called Flovinno, because we both work a lot. We worked with Florence, who understood our requests and desires. An excellent agreement was born between us. We were able to mix our ideas and we thank Florence and her team very much for their work. “

“Take a fairy, and let yourself be guided ! That is what you get with Florence and her team. Reassuring, smiling, joyful, protective: here is a cocktail for married ones who wish to entrust their wedding to Flovinno.

The Flovinno agency is a team of professionals you can trust.

When the D-day arrives : you are peaceful, you enjoy your day which is just the most beautiful gift !”

“We were impressed by the professionalism you’ve showed. Everything was as expected, despite the vagaries of the weather. You managed to be responsive and helpful when we needed it the most. Our only complaint: the flower bouquets were too thick and not purified enough as we imagined. But overall, we are extremely satisfied. “

“When we met in “Le salon du Mariage”, we decided to trust Florence and the entire Flovinno team to organize a wedding that matches us and that we dreamed of. A winning bet for us, Florence throughout a year and a half dedicated to the preparations has always been listening to us, has surely addressed the providers who corresponded to us, made us visit the good avenues for the unfolding of the wedding, and until the D-Day, accompanied us by creating a tailor-made wedding, and allowing us to be prepared for this great day stressless. Our union at “Château du Maréchal de Saxe” in Yerres (Parisian area), remains an imperishable memory managed impeccably from beginning to end for the happiness of our guests and ours. Thanks to Florence, and to all the accompanying team, for making this day a real success and a moving memory engraved forever. “

“Perfect preparation and management of this day so important to us. The result exceeded our expectations and what a pleasure to have been guided by Florence!

The stress was totally absent. This allowed us to approach the preparations very serenely and thus to take full advantage of this day. Mission accomplished ! Moreover, Flovinno knew how to find the originality that we seek while knowing how to advise us with accuracy. Thanks to Flovinno for making this a wonderful day »

“Very successful wedding during the 2 days.
Flovinno knew how to react in case of incidents and this shows the efficiency of the team. Florence is very available when you need it. We advise young couples to call Flovinno. Anti-stress remedy, moreover super friendly team! “

“A great THANK YOU to Florence and the girls (her team), the organization was perfect from start to end.
We had an unforgettable day, the eyes full of stars. The service providers were brilliant. All of our guests were delighted and amazed by the organization. Thank you again for everything, for your kindness and your availability. “

“The organization and the management of our wedding until the D-day coordination had been very professional but still very pleasant.”

“Thanks to you for realizing the wedding of our dreams. As soon as we met at “Le salon du mariage”, we knew that we could trust you to coordinate the most beautiful day of our lives. You have been there for us in difficult times, we want you to know that we will never forget it, and we thank you a lot for it. You have always been available and shown a great listening to our least questions. The wedding from A to Z was a fairy-tale. What surprises, emotions and stress shared with you! The avenue was splendid and unique. The found all the providers we needed (caterer, DJ, singers, magicians, children’s animators). You made this day an unforgettable moment. We had and will always have our eyes full of stars, thanks to you. Our guests told us that it was the most beautiful wedding they insisted on. They never got bored with your toner organization! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything. We can never forget you and I recommend you to anyone for any organization of a particular event. “

“A big thanks to You Florence and your team. You listened to us, advised and supported us for a year and a half. A big congratulations for the organization of this day which, for us, will remain unforgettable … You, Virginie and Corinne were very supportive for us on the D-Day. We were guided, and we enjoyed this day with confidence. We loved your little surprises during the evening and we can tell that everything was perfect! We are glad to have met you, and wish you a very good continuation, but we already know that for you the success will always be at the rendez-vous !!!

Sincerely. “

“Our marriage was a total success despite the bad weather.
We were very pleased with the providers you recommended. The avenue were very nice, in terms of location and of the welcome we received. The baby-sitter played well with the children. The photographer took very beautiful pictures. Thank you for your advice and your availability. We do not regret having called on your services. “

“A big thank you for everything that was done before and during the wedding.
We do not regret having called on your services. You have a great team, I only had compliments about the organization, the atmosphere, the meal, the decoration of the room and tables …
Thanks also to the children’s baby-sitters, to the singers of the cocktail, to Vincent and Guillaume for the animation, to the whole caterer team, to Stéphanie for the invitation cards, the places-cards, the menus, and the “Livre d’Or”; a big thank you to Frédérique for the make-up and hairstyle. “

“A year of preparations for a perfect and unforgettable day, managed with attention.
An unusual guidance to support future bride and groom a little bit lost, but with lots of ideas !
A concretization of these flawless ideas, a discreet but necessary and reassuring presence on the D-Day. But above all the preparation of this wedding in the greatest pleasure, a big thanks to Florence who were always available, listening, pragmatic and has a solution to everything, and of course to her team and the service providers with whom we have been Happy to share this moment of preparation and concretization, full of complicity and laugh and who made us happy by their skills.
Finally, a magical wedding, a flood of compliments during and several days after the wedding, memorable moments.
Good continuation ! “

“We would like to thank Florence for this amazing day. The avenue, mid-wedding, mid-baptism, was a strong challenge, but Florence knew perfectly how to listen to our desires and adapt them. Thanks to her, we were able to have an ideal wedding while taking care of our new born baby during the weekends that preceded the wedding. We had a great afternoon, free of any organizational worries, and the day was very much appreciated by both young and older guests. We highly recommend you! “

“Florence, thank you for designing this exceptional day as we had always dreamed.
Your precious advice and your availability combine with your professionalism was perfect, and your team is great. Our guests and families talked about our wedding over and over. Everything was perfect, Vincent and his musicians, the sensational magician, the children remain amazed by the animators, the DJ, the caterer, yourself, and of course the D-day.
Thanks to you, Florence, our wedding will remains unforgettable. “

French – Polish Wedding :
“Thanks to Florence for the amazing organization of our wedding, your dedication and your availability. Our eyes are still full of stars. A performance well beyond what anyone could even imagine. “

«Chcielismy bardzo podziekowac Florence za cala organizacje naszego perfekcyjnie przygotoanego wesela. Mimo, ze dla nas wszysko bylo na odleglosc przygotowywane, potrafila sprostac naszym wymaganiom.jestesmy bardzo zadowoleni i bardzo polecamy jej uslugi dla innych kochajacych sie par zamierzajacych wziasc slub.»

“Thanks to you, our wedding was a great success, we are very happy to have met Florence for the organization of everything, everyone had a great day and only complimented us on the management, the young ones as the older ones were delighted and had a lot of fun. We recommend without hesitation your services to anyone who wishes a successful party. We thank you very much and all the team too. “

“We dreamed about it, and Flovinno Wedding did it!
We experienced a dream awaken! Throughout all the preparations, Florence was present by our side, advice us good addresses, service providers : no mistake at all!
She guided us, and above all listened to our desires for this magical day! And everything was perfect! The presence on the wedding day was the big bonus, it allowed us to enjoy and experience our wedding serenely while enjoying our guests knowing that Florence and her team was there to coordinate everything. We recommend her 200%! Our guests were amazed! A big thank you for this day, forever engraved in our memories! “

“Florence, you were exceptional, you respected our choices, our desires, you advised us smartly, without never imposing anything to us, you had all our trust and you were able to face challenges. If we have the opportunity to advise you for a similar event, we will definitely do so.
Congratulations to you and your team, and your service providers (hairdresser, photographer, DJ, invitations cards, etc…). “

French-Portuguese Wedding

“Thank you for everything, a very nice day, who went way too fast. Thank you for helping us and supporting us throughout these 1 year of preparation, and during the D-day. Thank you. “

“This day wouldn’t have been so great without Florence, her team, and all their work done. Their discreet presence has delighted the whole assembly !! Thanks a lot to Flovinno Wedding !!”

“A big thank you to Florence and her Flovinno team for the presence, the organization, and the follow-up throughout the preparation of our wedding. Her kindness and her professionalism made it possible for this day to be unforgettable, to our higher expectations. Everything was perfect, from the children animation to the music group during the cocktail. “

“We are truly satisfied with Florence’s investment in the preparation of our wedding, and we thank her warmly for having made every effort to ensure that this unforgettable day remains an engraved memory in our hearts. “

“It was perfect ! Everything corresponded to what we wanted, not to mention the availability and kindness of Florence which helped a lot to make this day unforgettable. Thanks again for everything.”

“For our wedding, we wanted something simple. We chose to delegate the organization of this day because we were young parents and not so much time. Florence put us at ease, and a good feeling operated immediately: we felt like she knew her subject. The main wedding topic was the mix: Franco-Tunisian / Martiniquais. From the cocktail to the wedding cake, the caterer has conquered all of our guests. The DJ and the singer met our expectations, the music coincided with our wedding. It was a dream wedding. “

“We thank you Florence for the entire management of our wedding which made this event as high as our expectations. We join all of our guests to congratulate you on the general organization. The little concert, the baby-sitters, the lanterns and all these little touches really made the unanimity and the difference. We will not fail to call you for the next one *laugh* and more seriously, we will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends. Thanks again. “

“A big thank you to Florence and her team, for the organization, the support and especially her presence during our wedding. This allowed us to fully enjoy our day, without stress or anxiety. The guests were delighted with the hospitality structure for children and babies. Bravo! We are convinced that a beautiful wedding can not happen without an organizer. “

“A big thank you to Flovinno for the very successful organization of the most beautiful day of our lives! The avenue, the caterer, the DJ, the photographer … All lived up to our expectations. You have made our wedding, thanks to the quality of your service providers, an unforgettable day. Thanks thanks thanks !!! “

“A big thank you to the Flovinno team for having completely redesigned the room to the colors of our wedding topic. Flowers, ribbons, floating candles, sequins… everything was on point !! Thank you also for the whole organization of our wedding: caterer, DJ, singer, guest gifts … Engraved flutes were a great success, our guests were delighted with their personalized gift … »

«Our wedding: an unforgettable day !!! The decoration of the avenue was a wonderful surprise for us and our guests since we discovered it back from the photo shoot. There were candles, fish and butterflies everywhere, just like our wedding theme. Thanks again ! “