In 2006, the Flovinno story began…

With the desire to combine creativity and professionalism, the company started to create professional events for companies (seminars, conventions…), and personal events for individuals (wedding, parties…).

After a start on the French Riviera, the company extends itself on the Parisian area.

In 2008, Flovinno moved next to Paris, but keep working on the south of France.

In 2011, the company started to organize “Le Salon du Mariage” in Essonne. This event takes place once a year since.

In 2015, Flovinno bought Noce de rêvewhich is a specialized wedding planner agency on the French Riviera. It allowed the company to develop  itself a lot over this area.

In 2016, Flovinno expends its business in Normandy, and suggest to get married abroad with the “Destination Wedding” and the “Elopement” concepts.

With this triple location (Paris, French Riviera, Normandy) and its recognized expertise, the agency has all the best assets to organize dream weddings in France, or abroad!

Our “dream team” is a mix of different personalities and knowledge !

Both expert and polyvalent

Both listening and force of proposal

Both organized and able to face the unexpected …

Both present and responsive

Both perfectionist and creative

Both demanding and flexible

Both experienced and young-minded

Both professional and fun!

“Florence, agency director”

After 10 years in the luxury and beauty sector as a trainer and ambassador of brands, Florence has turned to her passion: the organization of weddings and exceptional events. It makes a point of honor to make every wedding unique. Director of the agency Wedding Planner Flovinno, she is always available and at your disposal, to advise, propose, guide and reassure you!

Florence, directrice Flovinno Wedding

She likes :

  • Fancy jewelry
  • Chocolate
  • Hearing the bride and groom say “Yes!”

She doesn’t like :

  • Wasting her time
  • Be cold
  • When it rains on wedding days …

“Vincent, Founder of the Agency”

An engineer but also artist, Vincent likes to juggle innovative concepts to surprise, guide, and enchant minds. After 10 years of experience in marketing and international business development, he decided to combine his professionalism with his creativity to build the Flovinno Agency. Today, he oversees the Agency’s marketing activities (strategy, webmarketing …), acts as ceremonial officer, and coordinates the agency’s musical and artistic performances.

He likes : 

  • Expertise in polyvalence
  • To sing and share his passion with the public
  • Léonard de Vinci for its artistic and scientific genius
  • Jean-Jaques Goldman for his generosity and talent
  • Salty butter caramel and chocolate biscuits
  • Snow during Christmas break

He doesn’t like : 

  • People touching its computer screen with dirty fingers
  • When its iPhone displays “Missing call”

“Aurélie, event designer & scenographer”

With years of experience in planning projects that give her a quick understanding of spaces, Aurélie has an ideal asset for staging reception venues. You will never see her without a paper, a pencil and a camera: all she needs is a glance to capture the images and make a scenery! She puts her creativity at the service of the events that punctuate life (birthdays, bachelor parties, weddings, wedding anniversaries, etc.) to compose original and unpublished celebrations.

She likes :

  • All forms of visual art
  • The dew of the cobwebs
  • Children laughing
  • Dancing Madison

She doesn’t like : 

  • When there is no more coffee
  • When people says “it’s impossible !”
  • To miss an episode of her favorite TV show

“Marion, wedding planner in Normandy”

After 8 years of experience as an specialized educator in disability in the Parisian area, she leaves her small town of Seine et Marne to join her husband in Normandy. She meets Florence and Vincent for the organization of her own wedding! After this amazing day for her husband and herself, she always kept in touch with her “Good Fairy”. It was during a discussion with Florence that she decided to join the Flovinno team, in order to make people live this wonderful day, in Normandy !

She likes : 

  • Essential oils, she always have a few in her handbag
  • The sign language
  • The look of the bride and groom during weddings

She doesn’t like :

  • Horror movies
  • Not keeping her promises
  • Late people
  • To not find out what she knows she ordered sooner.

“Aurélia, French Riviera wedding planner”

After a first experience in the administration sector and a world tour, she turns herself to the events and a nice meeting brings her to Flovinno. Dynamic, smiling, and listening, it is with passion that she organizes the future bride and groom’s best day on the French Riviera under the brand “Noce de Rêve by Flovinno“.

She likes :

  • To travel
  • To find the most beautiful avenues for a wedding
  • Sun, sea and beach

She doesn’t like : 

  • The rain
  • To disappoint her loved ones
  • Bad news

“Morgane, French Riviera wedding planner”

As a true traveler and after several experiences in the hospitality industry and events, Morgane began to organize weddings. It is with joy that she begins this new adventure along with Aurélia as well as the whole Flovinno team. Organized, creative, rigorous and attentive, she is committed to make your wedding a unique and unforgettable day!

She likes :

  • To travel and discover unknown cultures and landscapes
  • To have new dream / goals and to reach them
  • To photograph precious moment
  • To watch a good movie wrapped in a soft blanket on rainy days
  • Be organized in any ways

She doesn’t like :

  • To wait and be late
  • Too spicy food
  • Spiders and all kinds of bugs

Flovinno is quality guarantor. With many years of experience, we make a point of honor to satisfy the people who trust us by respecting your deadlines, considering your budget, preparing appointments and, of course, by personalizing your events …

In addition to its commitment within the ASSOCEM, the Flovinno Agency has created a “Quality Charter”, which lists its values ​​and the 10 commitments of the agency :

  • We advise you with accuracy
  • We guide you through the different steps
  • Our knowledge allows us to face the unknown
  • Our experience is a quality engagement
  • We design unique tailor-made events for our clients
  • We choose the best providers that match you the most
  • The quality of our providers is our first concern
  • unique project chief that takes care of you
  • Respect and trust are important to us, especially for your private life
  • We try to be as professional as pleasant with our clients

Please contact us to talk about your event !